Sunday, September 22, 2013

Full Cosplay Progress Log: Princess Peach

I am waaay overdue for a promised tutorial/what-I-did video of my SSBB Peach cosplay so let's use this one as a substitute for now shall we?


It's Too Dangerous to Go Out! You'll Need the Following:
  1. Wig
  2. The Pretty Dress
  3. Painting the Filaments
  4. Accessories/Trinkets
  5. Parasol

The wig was purchased from ebay and it's very long just like Peach's hair. Though I had to snip it a bit so the bangs wouldn't poke out my eye. I touched up her bangs on the day of AX actually and used hair spray to make the subtle point in the center.

The Pretty Dress 

This part is a total pain in the derriere as it took me on-and-off the entire Spring semester (along with stress)! The making of the dress will be explained into 2 different sections.

The material I used is  6 yards worth of dark pink silk charmeuse for her panniers and 8 (?) yards worth of light pink crepe satin for the rest of the dress. The charmeuse has a nice drape feel and the crepe satin is great for gathering. The white gathered ruffles is white silk charmeuse left over from my Twilight Princess Zelda. And of course, who cannot forget her white lace accents?

Most importantly, the 6 hooped hoopskirt is what makes the dress big and poofy. Otherwise, it just looks dead without it.

Bodice Top

Normally I self draft from existing clothing I own but for this I have to alter a commercial pattern. Using Simplicity's 2207 Steampunk pattern, I opted out their buttons and made it as a zipped back with a buttload of alterations. 

 The front and back white ruffles is a standard gathering with a silky cord or ribbon and sewed it into place once you achieved the gathering I want. However for the side ones (noted on the picture above) : I had to vertically lengthen the pink front sides, make cord gatherings on both ends, gather til it matches my body, sewed it in place and then hover the steam iron over it while keeping it stretched to retain its shape. The rest I just continue by following the altered pattern.
Finished Top
The sleeves is basic poofy sleeves you can grab at any pattern or online tutorial. The bows on the ends are made from the same pink fabric. The scalloped collar was backed with interface for stiffness and satin stitch on the edges.

Layers and Layers of Skirts


First, started off with a 4 tiered skirt that fits with the hoopskirt shape and sewed it into place with the bodice. Add in the dark pink on the bottom and the lace on top


Next off, made a circle skirt that later alter to become the light pink drapes and added the lace edgings on that too.

Third and final part
Finally, added in the panniers by making a big half circle and did some draping in the front and back.

Painting the Filaments

I used a freezer paper method for the stencils and believe me, its a total time saver. Simply grab your design, trace on the paper side (not the shiny side!), cut with exacto blade, iron onto fabric, paint inwards, wait for it to dry, and peel it off! The best of all is that its reusable and doesn't leave any icky residue. Then, I outlined the edges with darker yellow fabric marker IN the painted design rather than outside of the design which was on the fabric.



Super easy to make and light to wear. The base is made from craft foam that's been sealed with Elmer's Glue, coated in resin and spray painted gold. The white details is just dimension paint and the gems are resin casted with foil backing. Later, I attached it on a skinny headband for easy wearing.


They're just painted ping pong balls attached on dangle earrings base.

Center Brooch

This one is another most frequently asked one for me. Basically using a clear Christmas ornament and cut it in half. Next off,  poured a little bit of blue resin to slush cast it and attached it on a board base with the foil backing. The gold part is made for craft foam that's been sealed with Elmer's glue and painted gold.

Ring and Gloves

A simple square cut sapphire ring to top it all off with some opera gloves.


Took a bubble umbrella, removed the plastic cover, and drafted a new one out of Crepe Satin/Silk Charmeuse. The white pole with its handle is from a PVC pipe and the handle is made from wood.

I hope you guys enjoyed my progress!

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